Aphrostrom - Larnaca Store


Project Architect: Harris Karakannas

Design Team: Harris Karakannas

Katerina Scoufaridou

Status: Completed

Design Requirements:

Aphrostrom is the biggest manufacturer of mattresses and beds in Cyprus as well as one of the biggest linen importers in Cyprus. Nonetheless, the current condition of the company's stores across the Island, lack the identity which defines the brand. For this reason, the management committee has assigned our studio to produce a concise document which highlights the issues each store faces and to design a comprehensive proposal that addresses the lack of identity, storage, coherency between stores and flow around the space. The Design is currently developed for the store in Larnaca but will be applied to all the stores across the island in the near future.

Design Approach:

After analysing all the products which are produced by the company, the team identified the pattern of the stitch as a common element/feature in all the items.

The team explored how a single thread develops into a strand and then a cloth and how each form presents unique physical characteristics. This research formed the base of the design approach and theme for the design of the store.

The pattern of the stich and the concept of the evolution of a thread into to a cloth is incorporated in all the designed components of the space. Spaces are divided by thread walls and storage units were reimagined as single components that feature a profile (inspired by the stitching pattern) that allows them to be adapted/stitched/assembled in a number of different ways.


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