Building Extension - Office Spaces


Project Architect: Harris Karakannas

Design Team: Harris Karakannas

Katerina Scoufaridou

Status: Planning

Design Requirements:

The studio was commissioned to design a one floor extension (that includes a mezzanine) to an existing building which is currently used as a showroom.

The extension will be rented out as a shared workspace to different startup companies that chose Cyprus as their base.

The design requirements for the development were to minimize changes to the existing form and layout of the building but to introduce an interesting facade.

Design Approach:

The most prominent feature of the proposed design is the mirror frame which wraps around the proposed extension.

The architects, inspired by the diverse group of individuals that occupy shared work spaces emphasize in an allegorical way that the world (which is reflected on the mirror cladding) frames the talented and ambitious users. an analogy that references the way a painting (which carries the meaning is held together/supported by the frame.


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