Product Design by M.D.D.L

Availability: Cyprus - London

Product Design - M.D.D.L

The office has designed a line of furniture as an exercise to develop a unique design style. The outcome of the exercise is “DIGISLOT”, an architectural style which draws upon the aesthetics and mechanics of joinery. That is: the mechanism of the connection of elements defines the characteristics and details of the components that form an overall structure.

The simple slotting together of components designed digitally and fabricated by computer numerical control (CNC) routers ensues perfect alignment of components, perfect fitting and ease in construction. Components are assembled without any screws as everything is held together with compression. 

The design characteristics of the style manifest through the details of the joinery and the uninterrupted flow of a uniform material which forms both the structure and the design.

All furniture and products are available to purchase.


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