Residential Development - Penhill


Project Architect: Katerina Scoufaridou

Design Team: Katerina Scoufaridou

Harris Karakannas

Status: Planning

Design Requirements:

The site is situated on a Hill in Penihill Area facing North West and surrounded on the East side with Residential Buildings. The plot is relatively flat facing a dedicated Green Area on the North side towards which all the views of the house open up to.

The House is designed for a new Family that wish to have an Introverted Private exterior to prevent any views from the outside but open up internally through an internal courtyard concept to accommodate an outdoor/indoor seamless way of living.

The Approach to the Design is such as to create covered verandas using the existing mass of the building for a coherent and appealing visual and aesthetical effect.

Design Approach:

The proposed design utilizes the views towards the green Area on the North side and concentrates all the openable spaces and outdoor entertainment areas towards the North Side. A Ribbon-like structure wraps around the building from the front to the back, with the more translucent voids picking out of the solid elements maximizing the Light from the South into the bedrooms while maintaining the privacy to the inside. The intricate shadow play is a key element to the design both during the day and night.


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