Residential Development - Mathiatis


Project Architect: Harris Karakannas

Design Team: Harris Karakannas

Katerina Scoufaridou

Status: Planning

Design Requirements:

The site of the development is located in the mountainous area of Sia_Larnaca and is surrounded by pine trees. The plot of land is uneven as half of it is flat and the other half is composed of a solid rock that peaks out four metres from the ground level.

The aim of the design was to create a structure that integrates in the landscape in a non invasive way and that does not disturb the existing natural environment and trees.

Design Approach:

The proposed design utilizes the height difference between the flat land and the peak of the solid rock on the west of the plot by positioning the structure along the rock line, wrapping the house around the existing terrain. The two level differentiation of the segments of the house as well as the change of the direction of the facade creates the separation between the public and private areas of the house.

The materiality of the house resembles the textures found in the existing rock formations of the site and the terrain covers the roof of the structure to integrate it in the landscape.


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